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- Kläder för ett aktivt liv och en ny livsstil

- Design som tar hänsyn till dina behov

- Kläder ifrån miccis är designade för

  att motsvara de krav en aktiv livsstil 

  ställer på ett plagg. 

 Alla plagg är designade med funktioner som gör det  enklare att ta av och på kläderna. 

                             Tel:035 - 22 78 77   



Can I please get the return address so we can get this exchange done, and I would like to also know why the picture that your company presents on their website in not the same as the Rolex Replica I received. The green hologram, that was important to me. Will you please answer that question for me. Lets please get the ball rolling on our exchange, I would like to have a working watch by my reunion on next month. Please help me make this happen, I would greatly appreciate it. I am now just wanting a complete refund due to the bottom button being broke upon arrival, and you misrepresented your watch online. It clearly shows a green hologram on your website and the Rolex Replica UK I received did not have that feature. This is false misrepresentation and I would like a full refund. Without the green hologram on the back of the watch this makes it not the same watch I ordered, I am disappointed and would just like my money returned to me. Not only did I receive a watch that was not what was shown, I also got one that is broken. Please give me the address to make this return, I don’t want another one, it’s not what you advertise and I am sending you a printed picture from your website that clearly shows the green hologram and you even showed the back of the Rolex Replica Sale and the green hologram is on the watch. I just want my money returned please, and with you being such a respectful company I don’t see you having a problem with this.